20.09.-24.09.2015 / Göttingen

Poster Prize Winners

Congratulations to all winners!


Winner of the "BIOspektrum-Abo" Emily Solly

"Climate change driven treeline advances in the Ural Mountains alter root dynamics and SOM storage"

Markus Steffens

"Elucidating aggregate microstructure with NanoSIMS and digital image processing"

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kästner

"Investigation of the degradation of 13C-labeled fungal biomass in soil – fate of carbon in a soil bioreactor system"

Prof. Steven Sleutel

"Maize root-derived C in soil and role of physical protection in its relative stability over shoot derived C"

Huei Ying Gan

"Can we link land use and management intensity to priming effect?"

Dr. Cordula Vogel

"Decomposition of organic matter and sequestration in fine-sized fractions modified by the clay mineral composition"

Annelie Säurich

"Sensitivity of soil organic matter in anthropogenically disturbed organic soils"

Dr. Angelika Kölbl

"How rice roots form their surrounding: Gradients of oxides, silicates and organic matter in the rhizosphere of a paddy soil"

Axel Birkholz

"Tracking soil sediments to freshwater systems using CSIA of plant wax lipids"

Frédérique M.S.A Kirkels

"Controls on mineralization of eroded soil organic carbon in terrestrial and aquatic environments"

Dr. Corey Lawrence

"Depth dependent SOM gradients: interactions of age and climate"

Per-Marten Schleuß

"Mechanisms of soil degradation and its consequences for soil organic carbon storage on alpine grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau"

Somchai Butnan

"Biochars exert different effects on soil organic carbon stability in tropical soils with contrasting properties"

Youssef Nohra

"Deciphering the biomarkers of amber as a tool for the reconstruction of Mesozoic forest environments"

Mette Hansen

"Change of soil organic matter composition and stability against microbial degradation over time as a response to wood chip ash fertilization"

Christine Metzger

"Unravelling effects of an extreme drought on the components of net ecosystem exchange in a natural peatland by a process model"