New technologies in farming

New technologies in farming

How farming is evolving with IT ?

Farming operates differently nowadays from how it used to some decades ago because of the introduction of advanced technology, including machines, devices, sensors, and information technology. Today’s farming routinely uses sophisticated technologies such as GPS technology, aerial images, temperature and moisture sensors, and robots. These advanced devices, precision farming, and robotic systems allow the farming business to be more environmentally friendly, efficient, safer, and profitable. Farming professionals are working smarter than harder for these numerous technologies they leverage on.

Farming being the simple act of growing crops and rearing animals for food and/or raw materials has being digitalised to make use of the available technologies. Some of the farming apps which shows a farmer when he/she needs to take a yield are;

Nutrient ROI Calculator

The Nutrient ROI Calculator is a web based application that provides growers with an accurate reflection of expected nutrient response in farming. This enables the growers to plan nutrient applications accurately, make more yields at a reduced cost, and consequently make more profit.


This is a cloud based application that allows growers, ranchers and even landlords to build a detailed and efficient farm map swiftly. With this app, growers can access and share their farm project anywhere and anytime.

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Citrus Pests Key

Pests destroying the farm produce causes a major loss for the growers. With Citrus Pests Key, the farm growers are able to avert this menace. Citrus Pests Key app helps the grower to identify various insect pests. It is a highly useful app that provides fact sheets and illustrations for different citrus pests. This help growers to identify certain pests with ease and further deal with the pests.


The NozzleCalc app helps growers to determine the optimum droplet size and PSI for all their applications whilst on the go. It is designed to help growers spray their farm with much greater confidence.

Pocket Spray Smart

The Pocket Spray Smart is another useful app designed for growers by Agrible. This app helps growers to plan everything; volume of nitrogen used, when delivery of equipment would be made, and what quantity of yields to expect. It shows the growers hourly wind speed, duration of temperature inversions, direction, and timing that could impact spraying. It also tells whether the soil will support certain equipment.

The Yield Free Growers’ App

The Yield Free Growers’ App is a simple, lightweight weather built with growers in mind. It shows past, present and future information for some crucial growing conditions such as weather information for the day, wind direction and speed, air temperature, rainfall and relative humidity. It also shows forecasted water balance, rainfall, wind speed, air temperature and relative humidity. The app helps growers to estimate when to take yields accurately.


This is a web based app used for weather forecasting and knowing the meteorological conditions. It breaks the forecasted weather condition to hours and can forecast for around a week ahead. It also shows rain, wind and air pressure information for the next three days.

Google My Maps

For growers, the ability to create custom maps is crucial and germane. This is what Google My Maps provide. With the app, growers can outline his/her blocks and fields in seconds, then add photos and descriptions, Colour code them, or instantly see how big they are; in hectares or metres squared.


The Feralscan app allows growers to record all sightings of pests in the farm, the damage they are causing and any control actions the grower has taken. These records help build an updated map of pest animals.

Crop Disease

The Crop Disease app acts as a quick, in-pocket guide to crop diseases in grain crops. It allows growers to easily compare disease resistance ratings of the 10 major grain crops (fava bean, wheat, lupin, oat, barley, canola, field pea, chickpea, lentil, and triticale), and provides detailed information of the diseases, including photographs, symptoms, and management controls.

VegPest ID

Getting a crop to maturity and yield is not a small feat. Growers deals with many things including pests. VegPest ID helps the growers to identify insects, diseases and disorders on all species of vegetable crops. It helps the growers to identify all types of pest; familiar and unfamiliar.


The Sirrus app is another useful app for keeping records and forecasting weather conditions. The app is available on all mobile android and apple devices. It helps growers to plan track the occurrences in the farm and record the timing of the crops.

Growers are now enabled to plan farming more easily, at a reduced cost and with higher yield; thanks to the advancement of technologies, and its introduction to farming.